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Ultrasound's ability to accurately image large numbers of anatomical structures, in short durations and with different joint positions makes it the perfect diagnostic tool for wrist & hand pain...

Wrist & Hand Diagnostic Ultrasound Scan

The Anatomy of a Wrist & Hand Ultrasound Scan

The wrist and hand is a complex network of small joints, tendons, tendon sheaths and a network of nerves. Wrist and hand conditions maybe due to degenerative changes, injuries or inflammation at any of these structures. Due to the complex anatomy, ultrasound is the favoured imaging modality to diagnose the majority of wrist and hand pain conditions.

Wrist and hand tendon and tendon sheath disorders (known as tenosynovitis) are extremely well evaluated using ultrasound imaging. An ultrasound scan is able to exclude any tendons tears, examine the  fine detail of the tendons fibre structure and fibre orientation as well as evaluate any inflammation and fluid within the tendon sheath. Common conditions diagnosed at the wrist and hand with ultrasound imaging include De Quervain's Tenosynovitis and Trigger Finger or Trigger Thumb.

The wrist joint and small joints of the hand and fingers commonly suffer with degenerative changes (osteoarthritis). An ultrasound scan is able to clearly image bony irregularities to the joint margins as well as identify small joint effusions and thickening to the joint soft tissue capsules all which are features of osteoarthritis.

As the forearm narrows to become the wrist and hand, blood vessels and nerves are carried within specific tunnels as they cross the wrist in to the hand. Nerve conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome (compression of the median nerve within the carpal tunnel) or ulnar neuropathy (compression of the ulnar nerve within "guyons canal" are well visualised and diagnosed reliably with an ultrasound scan of the wrist and hand.

Wrist & Hand Examination & Ultrasound Scan - £125.00

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Wrist & Hand Ultrasound Scan Sample Report:

Wrist & Hand Example Ultrasound Report

"In recent years, diagnostic ultrasound has become an invaluable tool for musculoskeletal specialists during our clinical assessment. With contemporary technology, I am able to confirm a clinical diagnosis and immediately commence the most evidence based treatment to achieve optimal outcomes for my patients..."

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