Musculoskeletal Specialist

Chris Pruvey

Chris Pruvey - Musculoskeletal Specialist

Msc Sports & Exercise Medicine

Independent Prescriber

PG cert Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

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Musculoskeletal Specialist Career

Clinical Background

I initially qualified with a BSc hons Physiotherapy from the University of the West of England, Bristol in 2003 & gained experience within musculoskeletal, pain management, rheumatology and orthopaedic hospital departments within the NHS within various central London teaching hospitals. I completed my Masters in Sports & Exercise Medicine from Queen Mary's University of London in 2009 & have worked performing diagnostic imaging and musculoskeletal injections since this date.

My current clinic caseload is varied. I perform rapid triage assessment of musculoskeletal patients within the NHS in general practice where I also perform musculoskeletal injections, administer musculoskeletal medication prescriptions and perform annual reviews for patients with rheumatology conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, liaising with  consultants to coordinate care.

Within my private practice setup I perform musculoskeletal ultrasound diagnostic scans and various types of ultrasound guided injections for my patients after an initial free screening consultation.

Technology &

Over the latter part of my career I have also developed a keen interest in technology to enable diagnostic evaluation and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal conditions. I will direct my patients towards various online rehabilitation applications when rehabilitation exercises may complement or be a more appropriate pathway than an ultrasound guided musculoskeletal injection.

Private Setup To Benefit Self Paying Patients...

Until now, private healthcare has been expensive & inaccessible to patients who are often unaware of their most appropriate management & treatment options and are left to pay up front for a diagnosis upon an initial assessment. Furthermore, it's often the case that the process still involves several referrals & additional costs waiting for further imaging and a follow up after imaging.

Fortunately, I offer a One-Stop service encompassing an expert musculoskeletal physical examination and a diagnostic scan & if indicated, an ultrasound guided musculoskeletal injection in one appointment & for an all inclusive price. I also offer a free of charge initial messaging service or telephonic triage to ensure my clients may be appropriate for an ultrasound diagnostic scan or on ultrasound guided injection. Therefore, your consultation fee will not be wasted.

I am based in various pharmacy consultation rooms and independent clinics to enable an affordable price for self paying customers rather than costs being dispersed to private medical groups and hospital chains for the same procedures.

I operate a mobile and flexible diary system across a network of pharmacy consultation rooms & independent clinic locations to enable an affordable price for self paying customers rather than costs being dispersed to private medical groups and hospital chains for the same procedures. It also allows clients to book at a convenient time and place around their busy schedule.

What Patients Say...

 "Great service all round. Very impressed. Saw me, assessed me and injected my knee on the same appointment. Didn't even feel it due to the ultrasound guidance. Brilliant."

A painless knee injection

 "I have been to see many physiotherapists and doctors about my shoulder over the years but needed something done this time! I could certainly not wait on the NHS so I made an appointment at my local pharmacy with Chris. I am very pleased I did as the experience and general consult was fantastic. Would highly recommend. No more waiting lists for me!"

Shoulder assessment and advice

 "I have to say I was very impressed. Immediate consultations available at a local pharmacy is far more convenient. Very happy with the outcome of my ultrasound guided shoulder injection. Will use again if needed rather than wait for my GP"

Pharmacy based expertise

 "Very professional throughout Chris has a huge amount of experience and this comes across immediately. Able to prescribe, scan and inject it's a great service and the way forward I would say"

Frozen shoulder injection without waiting