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Knee ultrasound imaging is able to diagnose acute injuries as well as longer term knee pain conditions making it the perfect choice when used in conjunction with an experienced overall clinical assessment...

Knee Diagnostic Ultrasound Scan

The Anatomy of a Knee Ultrasound Scan

Knee musculoskeletal pain conditions require an experienced physical examination procedure as well as the appropriate form of knee pain diagnostic imaging. Depending on the nature of the knee condition, x-rays, MRI scans or an ultrasound scan may be the preferred imaging modality of choice.

In acute knee injuries, a knee ultrasound scan may be the most appropriate tool to evaluate any inflammation or tears to the collateral ligaments (MCL and LCL). Ultrasound imaging is also the gold standard when examining any defects to the patella tendon and quadriceps tendon of the knee.

In cases of chronic long-term knee pain, an ultrasound scan may also be the most valuable form of imaging. Calcifications to the knee tendons as swelling to the to fluid filled cushions known as the knee bursa can be confirmed accurately with ultrasound being the most sensitive form of diagnostic scan. 

A knee ultrasound scan can also demonstrate specific bony regularities known as osteophytes in cases of osteoarthritis of the knee. In these cases, it may allow for more targeted injections at the knee pain source.

Knee Examination & Ultrasound Scan - £125.00

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Knee Ultrasound Scan Sample Report:

Knee Example Ultrasound Report

"In recent years, diagnostic ultrasound has become an invaluable tool for musculoskeletal specialists during our clinical assessment. With contemporary technology, I am able to confirm a clinical diagnosis and immediately commence the most evidence based treatment to achieve optimal outcomes for my patients..."

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