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Modern ultrasound's ability to detect subtle bony abnormalities causing hip impingement pain as well as visualise the fibre structure of tendons around the hip have advanced our diagnostic capability in this region...

Hip Diagnostic Ultrasound Scan

The Anatomy of a Hip Ultrasound Scan

Musculoskeletal pain conditions of the hip are varied in their cause. Hip joint osteoarthritis a common complaint can be diagnosed with X-ray, MRI. In conjunction with a physical examination, an ultrasound scan can also be useful in that it demonstrates characteristic signs of a hip joint effusion ,inflammation and bony irregularities at the hip joint margins. 

Many other hip pain conditions are caused by degenerative changes and defects to the muscles and tendons around the hip. A diagnostic hip ultrasound scan is invaluable in assessing tendon defects and planning the most appropriate treatment strategy such as physiotherapy loading exercises for the tendons or ultrasound guided injections.

Fluid filled sacs known as hip bursae can also give rise to pain around the hip and pelvis. the most common of these, the trochanteric bursa can give rise to pain and swelling over the outer aspects of the hip. An ultrasound scan can clearly visualise inflammation or chronic thickening to this bursa opening up appropriate treatment pathways.

Hip Examination & Ultrasound Scan - £125.00

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Hip Ultrasound Scan Sample Report:

Hip Example Ultrasound Report

"In recent years, diagnostic ultrasound has become an invaluable tool for musculoskeletal specialists during our clinical assessment. With contemporary technology, I am able to confirm a clinical diagnosis and immediately commence the most evidence based treatment to achieve optimal outcomes for my patients..."

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