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Shoulder Physical ExaminationShoulder Ultrasound With Images & Report£125.00

Due to modern technology, diagnostic shoulder ultrasound has overtaken MRI imaging as the premium imaging modality to assess the majority of shoulder pain conditions...

Shoulder Diagnostic Ultrasound Scan

The Anatomy of a Shoulder Ultrasound Scan

Diagnostic ultrasound has become the gold standard for many common musculoskeletal shoulder pain conditions. Due to the ability to visualize small defects in tendons, underlying bony attachment of tendons and the ability to stretch and load specific structures of the shoulder due to the range of motion available, A shoulder ultrasound scan is able to define small changes  including:

Irrespective of the  probable diagnosis a shoulder ultrasound scan normally follows a relatively defined protocol...

Shoulder Examination & Ultrasound Scan - £125.00

Price includes full diagnostic report with diagnostic images

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Shoulder Ultrasound Scan Sample Report:

Shoulder Example Ultrasound Report

"In recent years, diagnostic ultrasound has become an invaluable tool for musculoskeletal specialists during our clinical assessment. With contemporary technology, I am able to confirm a clinical diagnosis and immediately commence the most evidence based treatment to achieve optimal outcomes for my patients..."

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